Helping Others Experience Their Deepest Truth


Living Peace International’s mission is to educate and train people to educate and train other people to educate and train yet more people to take back their lives. Our natural state is not suffering. It is peace. Living Peace International promotes peace by creating circles of power within the individual, the community and across the globe. These circles teach people to take 100% responsibility for their own life. Eric Altman is the founder of Living Peace International, which is based in Portland, Oregon.

Eric Altman

"I am an infinite loving being, here to help others remember this deepest truth in themselves as well. It brings me much gratitude to have and create situations utilizing my gifts on a daily basis. Living this life of service is most fortunate, and continually expands and enlivens my life. Everyday I learn something new."

Carie Arps

"I can't think of anything more inspiring than witnessing somebody waking up to embody their dynamic potential. This inspires me in my own life, to continue to grow, listen, and live in alignment with my heart. I have learned so much about how to care for myself, which to me means listening internally, honoring my experience, and speaking up for myself. This has broadened my life perspective and creative possibilities. I would love to extend this to anyone interested in living a fuller embodied life."

Pamela Monroe

"Through many years of participating in a self-awareness group, learning about myself, and expanding my personal growth, I want to share this gift with others. I have facilitated groups sharing these tools and have seen how it changes lives, including the people around them. It just keeps going out and coming back in the most incredible ways. I want to continue sharing this love so as many people as possible can know how big they really are!"

Laura Washington

"I am grateful for the awareness that I want to take life less seriously and enjoy each moment as it is. I treasure every moment where I feel present and alive, and even more, those where I naturally feel love without hesitation and without conditions. To me, this is what Living Peace is about and supports, so I am grateful for the opportunity to connect to and be a part of this community. My interest is in nourishing what is whole, healthy and alive in each of us."

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Living Peace Intl. Headquarters
Portland, OR


  “If one of us is suffering, then we all are suffering.”  
  - Eric