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Since he was a young boy, Eric has been aware of an energy coming into and running through his body. As he became more familiar with it, he was able to consciously direct and transmit this energy over any distance. He has used this gift for healing ever since. According to Eric, it doesn’t matter what you call it. Universe, God or Love, it is here in every moment.

Eric has named this distance healing gift 'Heart Field Healing' due to the emotional intelligence of the energy transmitted and the specific heart opening response in recipients.

  • What can I expect to experience with Heart Field Distance Healing?
    Typically no two experiences are alike. Healing continues even after the initial contact. You may feel a calming, first in the nervous system and then progressing throughout the entire mind and body. Given sufficient space, the body/mind has the full ability to heal itself of any and all disease and imbalance. The body’s natural state is that of perfect homeostasis.

  • What specific illnesses can this type of healing address?
    So far there hasn’t been a specific disease or imbalance that this divine energy cannot have a positive effect on. Stress is by far the number one factor for any and all illness. Eric teaches how to operate at a more grounded level, eliminating stress and providing a means for loving self-care.

  • Is there anything I need to do?
    Eric explains that he acts as a conduit for this energy. He is constantly clearing his mind and body, which allows him to transmit this pure energy to others. You need do nothing. Your simple receptivity is all that’s required.

In terms of receiving and experiencing the transmission, it’s individual.  Initially the energy is clearing and balancing your physical and auric fields.  Then a revitalization of these systems takes place.  At this point, the energy naturally addresses your specific needs and desires in terms of liveliness, optimal functioning, and healing.  You need not have any particular body sensations, during the transmission, to receive the greatest benefit.  Frequently people feel a calming of their central nervous system. Most people enjoy sitting quietly during the transmissions. However, if you are engaged in activity the energy will still align for your highest good.  Also it will continue to unfold in various ways after the session.  The series of Distance Healing transmissions are designed to address freedom from deeper patterns and self-limiting beliefs in addition to promoting maximum inherent self-healing.

All distance healing sessions take place on Thursdays from 7:00 to 8:00pm, Pacific Time. For monthly packages, Eric offers four sessions per month (always the first four Thursdays of the month). Each session is completely energetic.  It is activated by your intention.  It does not involve being on the phone or online.

Both the monthly and free sessions include the individual who has signed up, healing of all beloved pets in the household and a feng shui clearing of the home each time.

For over 15 years Eric has provided individual and group healing sessions to people all over the world including disaster relief work.

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There is nothing you need to do during a healing session
, except be as fully receptive as possible. Some people choose to quietly meditate during this time, while others are grocery shopping or picking up their children from soccer practice. No activities will impede the healing process.

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  "When I met Eric I was in the depths of a spiritual, emotional and physical crisis. His honesty, insight, and guidance, coupled with his compassionate heart steady me while I walk through difficult challenges. Eric is the most generous and joyful being I have ever met. I have experienced miraculous physical and emotional healings both in his presence and hundreds or thousands of miles away."
  - Linda F.