Eric Altman - Events
Eric Altman the Ultimate Heart Transmitter

There are many ways to connect with Eric in the upcoming months.  Here are some of the events he will be offering.  More will be added as announced.

Ride The Wave Energy Healing

Two day workshop on April 22nd and 23rd, 11am-5pm with one hour lunch break. Cost is $300 for 10 hours of invaluable training. If you register by April 15th, you will get a complimentary video of the entire training. Call Pamela to register @ 503.358.0765

The main story

Eric will be teaching Ride the Wave energy healing and how to always be aware of the ease of connection, how malleable it can be. Be in the dance with the energy and become fluid in that relationship. 

We will be feeling the flow of energy, understanding it is always there, and how to become one with it. By building trust, the energy becomes magnetized inward and outward effortlessly.

 Space is Limited

Please contact Pamela @ 503-358-0765 to register for this workshop. Location will be in NW Portland, will give address upon registration. Count these hours for CEU's!

You can pay Pamela when you register.

Heart Field Distance Healings

First four Thursdays of every month (7:30 - 8 pm, PST)

Sold as a series of four consecutive healings per month. Each session is completely energetic and activated by your intention. It does not involve being on the phone or online. Read more about distance healing or purchase here.

Live at "Eric's House" - Online Interactive Group
A full 90 minutes of uninterrupted "Flow"

A teleseminar platform offers you access from anywhere via phone or Internet. Eric will be facilitating a dynamic, interactive, playful group of open-hearted individuals interested in learning how fun being fully awake and healthy of body, mind, and spirit can truly be. Each week a topic emerges through the unique collective experience of those present.

Purchase a one month subscription on our services page under the Satsangs, Seminars & Retreats section.

The Ultimate Energy Cruise
3 Day Cruise (Fri. Oct 4 - Mon. Oct. 7, 2013)

Departs and returns to Port of Los Angeles, CA
Destination: Ensenada, Mexico

The Law of Attraction Radio Network is hosting Eric Altman for a three day cruise to Mexico! On this cruise, Eric will be tapping into the healing energies of the powerful ocean and serving as a powerful energy conduit to help release our emotional past and ancestral issues. He will also stimulate our pineal glands/pituitary glands to allow a greater intuitive/psychic connection to the Universal Energy.

Read about the cruise and register at:

"Each Distance Healing session is different. I have had experiences of great expansiveness and being in space. A great lovingness. In this last one, time slowed way down. It was a day inside an hour. I have strong intuitive realizations during each one-- particular understandings, discernment or ways of taking care of myself. It's powerful!"
- Craig  L.