Eric Altman the Ultimate Heart Transmitter

Archives of Past Radio Shows

Check out the archive section at each of these web sites to find the broadcasts hosting Eric Altman.

Conscious Consultant with Sam Leibowitz
Talking Alternatives Network (9/21/12)

Your Soul Guidance with Saskia Roell
Transformation Talk Radio (10/10/12)

New Realities TV with Alan Steinfeld (10/12)

New Visions for Peace with  Sutree Irving
KBOO (10/20/12)

The Sheila Show
am540 KRXA Central CA (10/20/12)

The Sheila Gale Show
The World Puja Network (10/23/12)

Let's Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce
BBS Network (10/22/12)

Here is the latest video interview
that Eric did with Alan Steinfeld on being present and speaking your truth in each moment.