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"Heart Field Healing" Distance Series       Read more about...

This is a package of four weekly “Heart Field Healing” sessions per month. These sessions are completely energetic and are designed to reset your nervous system, communicating assurance to your entire being as all areas of your self are held in pure unconditional love. In turn, this supports expansion of your awareness and consciousness.

These sessions occur on the first four Thursdays of each month from 7:30 to 8:00pm, PST. “Heart Field Healing” sessions are activated by your intention. They do not involve being on the phone or online.

This program includes the individual who signed up, healing of all beloved pets in the household, and a feng shui clearing of the home each time.


"Heart Field Healing" Private Sessions

The distance healing series above is energetically tailored to address any issues that a person could face on any level of life, at an affordable price. However, Eric understands that from time to time people may feel they need individual, personal assistance.

Private sessions with Eric can be in person or over the phone. The benefits are the same. Eric uses personal assessment, reflection, and energy healing to assist individuals in building pathways of knowing for a deeper connection with self. This encourages growth, change and healing. Because you are guided to activate your own inherent healing process, benefits are lasting. These sessions are structured for your needs, time is divided to allow for dialogue and energy healing. Sessions include a follow up via email or text within a few days.

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Satsangs, Seminars & Retreats

I've been leading groups of very astute spiritual beings for over 20 years - using energy work and sharing techniques..... Being in the hear and now.... teaching you, direct, potent shortcuts of staying with the presence of you, the launching pad to your true awakening!! I'm really looking forward to being together with all of you... And coming out the other end together in harmony, power, and embodying the pure oneness that we are!! Sincerely looking forward to taking this ride together.... This is absolutely nothing else I'd rather do!!

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Sponsor a Satsang

Eric offers his services for small intensive group work at your home or community space. Please write to for more information on how to set this up.

Pay it forward for someone who needs healing but cannot afford it.

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Eric Altman

"Eric is so multifaceted: he’s funny, unique, smart (brain power), and wise (heart power). His gift for seeing the truth is amazing and inspiring. I continue to be fascinated with his ability to work energetically with people."
  - Patricia M.