Eric Altman the Ultimate Heart Transmitter


Eric travels throughout the world connecting with as many people as possible to transmit unconditional love and teach tools for self-awareness and healing.

• Through keeping the attention on yourself, when you connect with other people, your inclination will not be to trap them, or hook them in any way. Instead it is just a closeness, a presence with them that results in an exchange of love that is not draining. That's the first thing you will notice--that it is very uplifting and nurturing in a mutual way.

Whenever there is an impulse to get away, stop in your tracks, turn around and face whatever it is. It's not going to be as big as you imagine it to be. That intention will help you stay in your own body and be yourself.

What is helpful in breaking a cycle is not abandoning whatever it is you’re feeling or experiencing. A feeling has never hurt or been fatal to anyone or their health. The danger comes with half-felt or repressed emotions. When fully experienced, feelings have a very short life span. Drop the story, connect to the feeling in the body and breathe into it. Stay with it all the way through.

We have launched a YouTube series with Eric.  The topics are based upon the most frequently asked questions from folks like you. They are funny, enlightening and filled with practical tools and insights on how to let your light shine!

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Here is a new interview with Eric
conducted by Alan Steinfeld.


Eric Altman



  ""Eric is the most fully present person I've ever known, which helps me see how being truly present looks and feels, at least from the outside. I experience unconditional love from him. He encourages me to keep coming back to myself, rather than looking outside for validation, love, or anything else."

- Carmen F.