Eric Altman the Ultimate Heart Transmitter

"Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave through the course on Daily Om.
It has been a real Blessing and a wonderful Journey.

It changed my daily life. I am responding differently to what life brings me and the people whom I know closely have noticed a change and are responding differently to me, even in those 3 weeks. So... I am very grateful. The most beautiful experience for me however is that in the last week there was gradually a transition that enabled me to connect on whatever moment with 'IT' in whatever circumstance. It feels a bit like living 'of grid', receiving 'IT' directly, passes through me and it is forwarding itself automatically into the grid. Thank you for helping me to awaken this process in me."
- John, Ireland

"I love your gentleness, and the energy you bring forward is so profound, and so sweet."

- Am
"I've had two days since the beginning of the distance healing when I've been exhausted and had a lot of pain in my hips and my back. Only two days! And, on the other days there were two things that are notably different: The muscle in my back with a point of pain in the middle of it used to feel like a hot knife in that muscle all the time, but last week that muscle didn't feel like that and I only had some fatigue. I can walk better and my hips are a lot less sore. I have more energy. Things just don't hurt as much. And I *feel* better."
- Suzanne
"Because of my participation in conversations with Eric in groups, I find that I am more able to be fully present, accepting and loving with my students and myself. I am reminded by every story of my own responsibility."
- Lani

"I have been listening to the transmission meditation every day and feel it is bringing me out of PTSD and a lot of fear that was causing my illnesses. I have been on a spiritual path for at least 25 years and have sat with many spiritual teachers, some with the non-dual approach, and have receive numerous transmissions. I feel for the first time with Eric the real possibility of healing and moving through past traumas and stuck stories. I am coming out of a really difficult year, of a kind of dark night of the soul, yet feel the potential to totally move beyond all of that.

In this moment I am letting go of chronic fatigue, thyroid and immune issues, a frozen shoulder and running out of unemployment and beginning to trust that clients in my private practice are coming to me as I do the work and get out of the way. I still have a ways to go but feel things are turning around now since I've been doing his online class.

I have this feeling that what Eric is teaching and offering is what I really need to do to move to the next level and beyond. I am so grateful I found him. I’m so excited at the possibility of becoming more involved in his work."

- Diane
"It seems to do very little for the body, but it does a *lot* for my psyche. I've had [a feeling of] terror all my life. Friday morning [after session 3] it was gone. After a life of fear and guilt, I no longer feel responsible for the world. [laughing!] All my life I've felt like I'm being watched. Now I don't care."
- S.
"Great session last night... had only my second lucid dream in my life."
- T. A.
"The day before & a day after the distance healing I felt a serene calmness, clarity, freeness of spirit, if I may may go as far as to say I felt wise. I experienced feeling grounded & knew I was love & from love.

The next days after I felt like my thoughts wouldn't stop I will also say I felt aggravated, tense & sad. The next few nights I had nightmares & was upset. I withheld my judgement thinking perhaps like I was going through a purging & I do believe that was the case. Days after I felt good & healthy."
- Beth
"What I've enjoyed most in the Daily Om course is what happens when I look inside myself. The self-inquiry exercises lead me to see behind thoughts and uncover the awareness or wisdom that is already present."
- Carmen

"After my first distance healing session, early the next morning I went to the gym and was able to double the amount of repetitions with free weights that I could normally achieve.  At first, I thought I must have picked up the wrong weights because they  were so easy to lift.  I should mention that I have been working out most of my life and know my capabilities so this increase in strength was not a coincidence.  Since then, I have  increased the weights by 33% and have been able to maintain that strength gain.

Another experience happened while listening to a podcast of Eric’s energy transmission on Jewel’s Law of Attraction radio show.  I began to meditate while listening, being open to the energy and after a few minutes the color behind my eyelids became a brilliant blue color throughout the session.  I could feel sensations of heat periodically and what seemed like surges of energy.

I am very encouraged by these experiences and plan to continue the long distance healing sessions. Blessings to you."

- Linda T.

"I met Eric 7 years ago in a consciousness group, and I can remember thinking he's not your average person! I could feel his presences across the room. Eric is generous beyond words and his heart is infinite. I was very sick when I met him, with a host of mental and physical problems (diseases/cancer) that had built up.  All the effects of my mental illness had manifested in my feet and ankles and I could not walk very well, my circulation was poor and I was barely holding on inside. I was losing hope, the healing books I had were useless and I had tried many healers but nothing helped. I lost that bounce. Eric supports you in every way, like that parent you never had who loves you unconditionally.  I remember the doctor shrugging and telling me what I had was incurable. But With Eric’s help it has been resolved.

I have not met a healer/ teacher like him!! There is nothing his energy cannot heal. Today I have a successful practice and life keeps getting better."

- S. V.

"Thank you for the Distance Healing!!! I absolutely loved it! Feel more calm and happy! Can't wait for the next one:-)"

- D. S.
"Thank you so much for the distance healing session. I felt an uplift in my energy, I felt quite energized. I heard you on Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewel. Thanks Eric. I enjoy and have been growing from the Energy that I have been receiving from you."
- M. C.
"I went shopping afterwards and found myself in Walmart with a silly smile on my face. I felt happy but a little disorientated so next time I think that I will just stay home and read. Wonderful, interesting experience!"
- Pamela P.

"Thank you so much for including me in the healing last night. I have been experiencing a persistent health problem lately, and this morning I am 80-85% better! What a relief! I expect that over the next few days it will resolve further as the energy continues to work, but even if it does not change beyond this level, I will be a happy camper."

- Holly

"At first, I didn't think that anything was happening. Then I noticed that after receiving energy from Eric, I have difficulty sleeping, waking up frequently through the night. Also, I have become more emotional, especially if I think about past traumas (or stories, as Eric calls them) or my present condition. I didn't realize that the healing and my reactions were related until I heard Jewels talk about her reactions to Eric's energy. I understand now how he works with large groups of people--it's pretty amazing.

I have tried on my own for some time now to clear patterns in the mind and body without success. I've felt pretty hopeless that I could not help myself. I enjoy hearing Eric talk about what he does. I feel optimistic about this work."

- Mimi M.
"This was such a blissful experience, I cried and cried and cried with lots and lots and lots of love and gratitude and joy. Thank you soooooo much, dear Eric for your contributions to my journey in such a beautiful way. Will come back to this over and over and keep on checking your site for more:)))"
- Nurbes
"Thank you for a beautiful transmission event last night.  The healing and awareness that I experienced through Eric’s vibration, and the other very beautiful people connecting, was very helpful."
- Susan P.
"Just as I felt when I listened to the Jewels show, I felt the energy through my entire body during and afterwards.  It feels calming and relaxing and pleasant.  With thanks,"
- Cathy S.
"Dear Eric, just listened to you July 3rd evening, on Law of Attraction w/ Jewels.  Did feel the heart center opening and relaxing, so just signed on for a month of your Thurs. healing sessions.  Thank you so much for making this so available."
- Lindsay S.
Prescott, AZ

"Hello Eric, I just listened to Jewels on I believe it was blog talk radio.  I experienced the healing, and, yes I too felt the peace and tingling. I did the healing again.  And this time I just started yawning and yawning for at least half of the time, then it quieted down.  For me, yawning is a good sign that I am releasing. I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for this healing, I plan to use it at least once daily because I have a very big medical past and am presently dealing with a few consequences physically."

- Maria G.
"To whoever has ears to hear and eyes to see and all others everywhere.  Eric Altman has come into my life out of the deepest desire of this heart to truly know and experience Universal Love  - a desire to live from my most essential self that could connect me to all things. In the quiet and dark of the night I became aware of a presence so sweet and loving working to open my eyes to this dream. When then I came to know him there was recognition he had been in my life for some time unbeknown to me.  This is his way - to work quietly, humbly and inexhaustibly without acknowledgment or pay.  There is no one I have been witness to him not loving.  I cannot say he cares for me more or less than anyone else, he gives of himself without condition.  There is nothing glamorous here.  Here is someone who embodies Love, Compassion and Joy freely and unbound with genuine earthy enthusiasm.  He is quick to spar and laugh at and with any and all folly.  Here is the most real expression of the divine that I could ever hope meet.  My life is changed, thank God.  I feel his presence in my life every moment I am awake.  I am called out on all levels of my life to be that which I, as he reminds me, already am - to live out of that which does not change and is ever steady and bright.  This man's name is Eric Altman but he is the name of every man and woman.  To him and God I say thank you and thank you and thank you again."
- A. E.
"During Eric’s meditations I ground. It is like a weight that pulls me to the earth. I feel safe and want to do it for myself. It is like when you were really little and a giant loving grownup held you close."
- Charles W.
London, England
"It was great to have my girlfriend, at the Eric Altman Event, as we are both applying these principals and lovingly remind each other.  In short, I feel more Joyful and at Peace with a more conscious connection with myself and those folks around me."
- John S.
"I have learned more from Eric  than I ever could have imagined—at my first meeting with him it was a feeling of coming home.  Like I had finally found my way.  In just a few moments I could feel answers coming that I had been searching for.  I felt inside of me just crumble all I have been holding felt safe to just fall—felt like a light guiding an airplane in that was landing—I was waiting for the wreckage—but the landing was soft, peaceful and very freeing.  Each time I connect with him I experience more of myself.  More freedom from my own personal bondage."
- Amy E.
"Eric is so multifaceted: he’s funny, unique, smart (brain power), and wise (heart power).  His gift for seeing the truth is amazing and inspiring.  I continue to be fascinated with his ability to work energetically with people."
- Patricia M.
"I really understand now, on a more than mental level, that all Eric wants for and from us is to be and express every part of ourselves. Many of us might have people in our lives who love, accept, and encourage us.  This is more than that. He is asking us to show up and display every aspect of ourselves, even those parts that seem, to us or others, to be unacceptable, or even undesirable. And in this way, we are finally able to see through these aspects to the Truth of who we really are. This is an unimaginable gift for every person he meets. Tears and gratitude well up even as I write this."
- Catherine G.
"Eric is always full of surprises and genius in the way he works."
- Les V.
Orlando, FL
"Eric offered unending support and love throughout the retreat. Just being around him invited me to be more in my heart."
- Anne M.
"Eric’s clarity, authenticity, and ability to touch the innermost truth of each being and respond with unconditional regard never cease to amaze me.  My children have always seemed the greatest gifts in my life, but I have to say that Eric’s love goes beyond even that.  I continue to be awestruck."
- Judy L.
"That was my favorite retreat ever.  I have never felt so in love with everyone in the group.  I could have stayed there forever.  I felt so connected and a deep closeness I had not experienced before…I felt like me, open and full of love.  The weekend was also challenging, and felt intense…like a thrilling sporting event, and I felt so much change in me. I am so grateful for this family of mine, and that I can be honest and open.  I feel safe.  I feel able to reveal the “secrets” of me and laugh at them and throw them up into the light, and all the while moving into what I want more and more of…true love!!!  Thank you, thank you, and thank you."
- Celeste J.
New York, NY
"I came away from the retreat at Mt. Hood with a great sense of hope, in a way I’ve never experience before.  Hope on every level and in every way."
- Alexander N.
"It was a real pleasure and privilege to be included in the May 9th Eric Altman event.  It was my first time and from the onset, I felt welcomed and comfortable.  The vibe was of a high order.The issue I complained of -- the heaviness in the chest (heart) area -- is gone, and since the event I continue to have a sense of deep well being.  In addition, I feel that my body is on an ongoing process of being purged, being cleansed.  My sense of Eric himself -- and this is an opinion from one who has not read nor met him before -- is that he is guile-less, very wise, and has a selfless "need" or "push" to heal the world. I wish him much success, which will undoubtedly and inevitably come."
- M. K.
"There were many sides to my retreat experience with Eric.  I am now more deeply with the parts that challenge me inside while focusing on what will set me free."
- Gerald M.
"The transmission was both tangible and helpful to me. I would describe it as a gift - a boost of spiritual energy, enough to let me see what my life might be like if I continue my intention to lovingly clear what is not myself."
- H. Woods
"Being with Eric on Saturday was amazingly new, even though I have been to all of the events so far. I never know what will happen there. I loved seeing complete strangers approach Eric for help with questions or illness. He inspires trust and eventually,  gratitude. I'm getting choked up as I write this. It is inspiring."
- Linda B.
Portland, OR

"For myself I asked help in clearing what is in the way of my living in my heart. The result was immediate and surprising. I got to see what I asked for seemingly no holds barred. It was initially fairly unpleasant until I realized I was getting what I'd asked for. Then I just co-operated and paid attention. Wow!"

- Tracy P.
"You are helping me learn how to trust, slow down, move when I don't know anything, drop the tendency to ‘figure things out’ and pray instead of think.  I'm very grateful for this chance! Thank you Eric!"
- David L.
Dublin, Ireland
"I first met Eric four years ago. During this time my dad was going through kimo therapy. I was eight years old then and didn’t understand a lot of what was happening to him. My mom and I were at the beach when she introduced him to me. She said he could help my dad with his cancer. I didn’t know what to think until one august eavening when he came over. He went upstairs into my parents bedroom. My dad hadn’t been out of bed for several months, except to go to radiation. Eric spent 5 hours in there. I was downstairs and couldn’t possibly imagine what he could be doing but when he came down the stairs with my dad, whose had a smile on him I hadn’t seen in a very long time. He was standing, like he was totally healthy, showing Eric photo albums and laughing."
- C.F.
"Working with Eric has been a bit like a plucking out process!  It has not been glamorous nor filled with easy compassion...  I have had to grow up and consciously choose to change how my mind works in order to be fully responsible for my life.  It has felt brutal at times, like I couldn't do it.  But in those moments of telling God that I was giving up, that I could not be the person I thought I should be, I received the most beautiful grace and support from Eric and it helped me lighten up and keep moving forward into myself and my new life. His unconditional presence and extreme devotion is both elevating and grounding at the same time... everything is allowed, equal and even welcomed.  The deepest possible healing happens, and there is more light to shine in the world as a result."
- T.D.
"Dear Eric, for me the love that is you is the heart of all existence.  It is here to play and grow and experience itself.  Its purpose is to be remembered in all of us. As a result I am in the game now.  I play and fall down and get up and keep playing.  I am excited to see what will happen next.  This big love just wants to be received, it wants to pour through me."
- Marilyn L.
"Thank you for the incredibly positive ways you and the group setting you’ve created have impacted my life. I couldn't have imagined encountering such a straight-forward, direct approach to transforming my life even a couple of years ago. The message of taking complete responsibility for one's life and the application of that message to our day-to-day existence is incredibly liberating. I'm somewhat mystified by the energy work and healing, but I don't require explanations for effects I experience. I'm finding that addictive, compulsive behavior is dissipating away and the drop-foot I've been experiencing for 4 or 5 years is improving.  I'm much more engaged with other people and feel more positive, empowered and present than ever. Words can't do justice to the immensity of the change in my life. The 480 mile round trip to attend has seemed a small effort to make in view of all this."
- G. M.
"He creates some breathing space between myself and the pattern, which then allows me to actually witness the pattern and make choices to live differently."
- J. F.
"My mind creates all kinds of ways to capture in images the purity of the energy that flows through Rick.  But the actual experience is beyond words.   When pure love penetrates every molecule and all is alive in this love, the closest word I can think to describe the feeling is 'home'." 
- Alison B.
New Mexico